Can Full/Front Lace Wigs Damage Your Hair?

Front/Full Lace Wigs have become extremely popular within society and the entertainment business. Women are now wearing them on a constant and daily basis, however the idea of lace wigs have some women worried about their hair line.

Can Lace Wigs damage your hair? The question is yes and no. It depends on your application (how you apply and remove the wig.) If you snatch the wig up without applying any type of remover to loosen the glue or tape there will be hair damage. Here are some do’s and don’t when it comes to lace wig applications in order to prevent hair damage:


  1. Keep your hair cornbraided or wrapped
  2. Apply a stocking cap or wig cap (preferably the color of your skin tone) to prevent the lace wig from applying friction to your hair
  3. You may or may not want to apply glue or tape to where you would like your hairline to start (this is totally up to you) but if you do apply these substances ensure you do not apply the glue or tape directly onto your hair
  4. You may also want to apply a skin protector (liquid band aid works) so the skin where the glue or tape will be applied does not get irritated or damaged.
  5. To remove the glue/tape I recommend using a remover such as C-22 Solvent (this stuff works wonders and loosens the glue in amount 3 minutes-no combing or rubbing required)
  6. Do remove the lace wig and shampoo and condition your hair as usual, don’t forget to apply essential oils to your scalp
  7. Do allow your hair to breathe for a few hours without the wig on if your just laying around the house


  1. Do not snatch/tug the wig from your hairline. This can cause skin and hair damage.
  2. Do not pull the hair this can add stress to the front of your hairline where the wig is applied
  3. Do not wear lace wigs for a long period of time without treating your hair
  4. Try to refrain from getting the lace wig completely wet as this can cause your hair to smell and mildrew underneath

Here is my story….I have worn lace front and full lace wigs on a daily basis for over a year now. My hair has grown healthy and long since wearing the wigs. I do not have to process (perm/texturize) my hair as I normally would have had to. Now I texturize my hair twice a year instead of every 6-8 weeks. Wearing the lace wigs also protect my hair and I do less styling and heat damage. Visit for all of your lace wig and weaving needs!

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